Exterminis: The Destroyer

smokyknightGreetings, stranger.

I am Exterminis, The Destroyer, although I have been known by many other names throughout time. Alex. The Last Hero. The Last Angel. The Godslayer. The Guardian. The Watcher. The Betrayer. The Destroyer of Gods. The Slayer of Demons. The Omega. Angelbane. Abbadon. Apollyon. Death.

I have existed since the beginning of time, and I will be the only thing existing at the end of time. Before me, there was nothing; and after me, there will be nothing.

Reading these words, you might believe that I am evil. Many men before you have made that mistake, and many more will make it before the end of time. You fear me, and that causes you to believe that I am evil.

However, I am not. I am a force of nature, the physical embodiment of death and destruction. I end suffering and pain. I clear the path for the arrival of new life, new hope, and new beginnings. I cut the cords that bind you to your past, so that you may freely embrace your future. I bring peace, comfort, and healing.

So do not fear me. Sit, and listen. I will tell you tales of the world…