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In the Beginning

demon sitting on a throne in a beige mist

In the beginning, there was the void: cold, dark, and silent.


The void became self-aware. A consciousness formed. A consciousness which savored solitude, reveled in silence, and luxuriated in peaceful slumber. The consciousness felt no need to create, no need to explore, and no need to change anything about its existence. Its only desire was to exist with itself, and to float peacefully within the void: Sleeping and dreaming, in silence.

The perfect darkness was pierced by a blinding light, and the perfect silence was broken as the consciousness screamed in pain. The veil between the worlds was ripped open, and twelve gods stepped through, hoping to create a new world.

The intruders created two realms out of the void: the Celestial, where they would live, and the Mortal, where their servants would live. Before long, these realms were filled with light and noise. The consciousness of the void, unable to sleep, became enraged. It became Exterminis, the Destroyer, and vowed to unmake all that had been made. Exterminis would return the universe to nothingness, the state of the perfect void, and he would sleep peacefully once again.

Exterminis attacked the intruders. The war lasted for millennia, with neither side able to defeat the other. The gods created a vast army of powerful angels, known as Celestials, to fight for them, but even they could not overcome Exterminis. The gods created another army of powerful beings, the Elementals, to protect the mortal realm from the ravages of the war, and they joined in the fight against Exterminis.

Still, they were unable to defeat him.

Unable to kill Exterminis, the gods imprisoned him in a cage made out of his own anger. As he raged inside, the bars of the cage only became stronger. The stronger the bars became, the more enraged Exterminis became. Satisfied with keeping him locked away, the gods created a new realm, the Infernal. They placed Exterminis’ cage in the middle of a hellish pit of pain and suffering. Three gods were chosen to watch over him, and to keep him from escaping. Their celestials joined them.

In time, Exterminis was able to corrupt the gods and celestials watching over him. They became twisted, evil versions of themselves. The gods became devils, and the celestials became demons. At long last, Exterminis had an army of his own. If he could not escape his prison from the inside, perhaps they could find a way to free him from the outside.