The Dark Universe


Dragon castleIn the beginning, there was the void. Silent, cold, empty. Perfect.

A consciousness formed in the void. A consciousness that slept peacefully, wanting nothing more than to be left alone in the perfect void so that it might sleep, and dream the pleasant dreams that gave it so much pleasure.

A blinding flash of light and ear-splitting scream pierced the perfect silence of the void and ripped it apart, waking the consciousness and filling it with hatred. A goddess stepped through the opening, and closed it behind her.

She thought she was safe. She thought she had found a new home. She thought she could create a new world, where she could live happily with her believers. She was mistaken.

The consciousness of the void, filled with anger and hatred, attacked her. He would punish her for waking him. He named himself Exterminis, and he vowed to destroy her and everything she loved.