Freedom Part One

Kaine and Runt stood at the dock for a long time, taking in the sight of the ship. Smaller than most of the merchant galleysRead More

Freedom Part Two

Entry from the Journal of Kaine: My companions and I have signed on as crew to Captain Terrapin’s ship, Freedom. The sense of foreboding thatRead More

Freedom Part Three

A sudden explosion jarred Kaine from his thoughts, and propelled him out of bed. It was the middle of the night, and he had beenRead More

Freedom Part Four

Trick was in trouble. This, in itself, wasn’t news. Trick was almost always in trouble of one kind or another, but this time was different.Read More

Freedom Part Five

Sophia groaned, and sat up sleepily. Her eyes immediately fell on Runt’s unconscious body next to her. “Runt!” She grabbed him by his horns, pullingRead More

Freedom Part Six

The captain entered the room, and walked to the cage. “Ah. Good. You’re awake. Come with me, Kaine.” He waved his hand, and the cageRead More

Freedom Part Eight

Sophia had been praying steadily since the captain had taken Kaine away. Her prayers were frantic, and simple: please let this work please let thisRead More

Freedom Part Nine

Kaine and the others retreated to the captain’s quarters to have a private discussion. Sophia had returned to her human form, but both Trick andRead More