Hark! The herald demons cry,

In the end, all things must die.

A World of Chaos and Suffering…

At the dawn of time, Exterminis, God of Death and Destruction, was imprisoned by the Elder Gods. They wrapped him in chains made out of his own anger, and locked him in a cage forged from their fears. Thinking themselves safe, they rested.

Exterminis could not be defeated so easily, for the God of Death feeds on Death, and every act of destruction increases his power. With each passing moment, Exterminis becomes more and more powerful, and his raw essence can not be contained. It oozes out from him, and permeates all space and time.

Three times he has escaped his prison, and ushered in a new age of destruction.

These are the Ages of Exterminis…


The Age of Mythology

These are the tales of the time before time existed. These are tales of the void, the god that it birthed, the gods who dared disturb his slumber, and the creation of the mortal realm.

The Age of Sorcery

The Age of Sorcery is a time of brave warriors, mighty spellcasters, and tricky rogues fighting against undead armies and hordes of demons. Humanity shares the world with elves, dwarves, the shapeshifting kucheri, the powerful ferals, and the cruel and frozen hearted peri.

The Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness is a time of skyscrapers, computers, automobiles, and cell phones. Magic exists alongside technology, and humans share the world with werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of myth and legend. Angels and demons fight over human souls in a never-ending war in the streets and alleys around the globe.

The Age of Science

During the Age of Science, the mortal world is at the height of technology. Humanity has started exploring the universe, and has discovered that they are not alone. Ten million inhabited worlds exist out there, with a hundred million sentient species. Not all of them are friendly…