Ahriman Empire

The Ahriman Empire was forced to withdraw to the Sulastan Desert after The Desecration, a devastating cataclysm that destroyed the Old Empire. The capital city of Sulasta used to be located in what is now the heart of the Volcanic Wastes, and was moved after The Desecration to it’s present location on the banks of the Nahum river, south of Bloodshire.

The Ahriman Empire is an Evil society that is governed by three magistrates working in conjunction known as Primes. Prime One is always a Priest, Prime Two is always a Mage, and Prime Three is always a Knight. All are devotees of Ahriman and are completely loyal to him, with Prime One being seen as the physical embodiment of Ahriman upon Erdael. The Empire functions as a theorcratic dictatorship, and all citizens worship Ahriman while paying homage to the other dark gods.

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