The nation of Calymnia (cah-lim-KNEE-uh) is a safe haven for the good and just people of Erdael. Heavily armored guards patrol the borders and keep out any who would seek to cause harm or damage to the peaceful citizenry, and a powerful navy keeps its shores safe. All sentient beings who renounce evil actions and intention are welcome within Calymnia. The capital city of Calymnia, The Silver City, is a utopia of peace and prosperity. Crime is nearly nonexistant, and the woes that have befallen the rest of the world have left The Silver City unscathed.

Calymnia is almost always at war with the Ahriman Empire, but the combined military might of the two countries keeps open warfare to a minimum. However, the war has never gone completely cold because skirmishes and raids by adventuring parties keep the hostilities at a warm simmer.

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