Character Concept

The first step in character creation is deciding the kind of character you want to play. There aren’t any character classes to choose from. You choose the skills you want, and the restrictions, too. You could be a classic barbarian or wizard, but you could just as easily be a warrior who casts spells, a thief that uses two-handed weapons, a mage in full plate mail, or a priest who sneaks around. The only limits are in your imagination.

Decide if you want your character to have a few skills, and thus rise in power quickly, or many skills that require slower advancement. Will your character have any restrictions such as a taboo that will make their life more difficult? Maybe they follow a strict code of honor, or they refuse to fight an unarmed opponent. Will they use any weapon available to them, or just their favorite? Will they spill blood?

While you’re at it, think about what species you want your character to be. Ten intelligent species inhabit the world of Exterminis, and six of them are available to players (the other four might be available too, with Gamemaster approval). Humans, elves, and dwarves share the world with peri, kucheri, and ferals. Which one appeals to you?

The first step is to determine your characteristics.

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