Character Power Levels

Awarding Karma

As the player characters adventure through the world, they will accumulate experience and knowledge which will help them become more powerful. This is reflected in Karma Points, or KP. How quickly they rise in power is determined by the Gamemaster, as is how much KP is awarded for each adventure.

There are no hard rules for awarding KP, but here are a few guidelines and suggestions for the Gamemaster to follow:

  • +1 KP for surviving each gaming session
  • +1 KP for each puzzle solved
  • +1 KP for each rank of every monster slain
  • +1 KP for every mission objective accomplished
  • +1 KP for faithfully roleplaying your character

Generally speaking, an award of 3-5 Karma Points per session is about average. 

Spending Karma

Characters have many things that they can purchase with their hard-earned Karma. It can be used to enhance nearly every aspect of their character, from characteristics to skills. It can also be used in a more traditional sense of the word karma, by allowing characters to change their fate.

  • Re-roll Failures: Players can spend one Karma Point to re-roll any failure on an unopposed test.
  • Temporary Power Increase: Players can spend 1-3 Karma Points to give a one-time bonus to any Conflict Code roll. The bonus is equal to the number of Karma spent. The KP must be spent before the code is rolled.
  • Increasing Skill Ranks: Additional skill ranks can be purchased using karma points. Rank 2 of a skill costs 20 karma points, Rank 3 costs 30 KP, rank 4 costs 40 KP, and rank 5 costs 50 KP. 
  • Learning New Skills: Characters can purchase new secondary skills after the game starts for 10 KP. After these skills have been purchased, they can be improved as detailed above.
  • Ressurection: A character who dies can spend 100 Karma Points to ressurect themselves and bring themselves back up to 1 Health Point.


Tiers of Power

As characters get more powerful, they are able to defeat more powerful monsters and overcome greater challenges. In Exterminis: Reign of Destruction, this is represented through Tiers of Power.

There are five Tiers of Power, and each one represents a significant increase in the relative power of the characters. It’s up to the Gamemaster to decide when you want your player characters to advance to the next tier. On average, Characters should reach Tier Two after three sessions of play, Tier Three after another three sessions of play, Tier Four after another five sessions of play, and Tier Five after another 10 sessions of play. After 21 sessions of play, characters should be at, or near, Tier Five. However, feel free to advance through the tiers as slowly or quickly as you see fit.

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