Codex Exterminis

The mortal realm is a dark and deadly place. Visitors are encouraged to learn as much as possible about it and the people who inhabit it. This guidebook can help keep you safe as you explore Erdael, the world of Exterminis.








The Gods

Eleven gods followed Asera on her quest to find a safe haven.

One Goddess was born of the love between Creation and Destruction.

Exterminis called five dark gods from beyond to serve him.

Learn about them all here.

The Sentient Species

Six mortal races to inhabit the mortal world.

Three immortal races to serve the gods.

One race that refuses to die.

Lear about them all here.


Erdael is a vast world containing many different geographical regions, from sparse deserts to lush jungles, and from grassy plains to daunting mountain ranges. Lear about them all here.

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