The world is a dark and deadly place. The great cities and nations of the past have fallen into ruin, taking law and order with them. The demons of a thousand hells stalk the land, slaughtering mortals and sowing the seeds of chaos and suffering wherever they go. The dead rise from their graves to torment the living. Finally, an invisible energy known as the Warp floats across the land like a malicious fog, corrupting everything it touches and driving innocent people and ordinary animals insane with pain and rage.

The people cry out to the gods, but the gods do not answer. The people look to their leaders, but their leaders cower in fear and confusion. The people look for heroes, but heroes are nowhere to be found.

The world has succumbed to darkness, but a new hope emerges. In the back alleys of squalid cities and the barns of dilapidated farmsteads, babies are being born with the ability to tap into a new magical energy. This new magic, Akasha, grants them extraordinary powers to fight against the darkness.

This is the World of Exterminis.