Ferals are powerful, yet peaceful warriors from the frozen wastelands. They resemble large bears who walk upright as humans do. They have large, retractable claws that spring forth from their forearms to slash and puncture their enemies, and powerful fangs that they use to rip and tear flesh. Although ferocious in battle, they only fight when they must defend themselves or others, and prefer to live peaceful, simple lives.

The ferals are noble warriors that roam the frozen northern wilderness with the barbarians and peri. Standing over seven feet tall, ferals resemble nothing so much as a large bear standing upright. However, they have a pair of horns that curl behind their ears much like those of a ram, two large tusks protruding from their lower jaw, and over sized fangs that drip with poison. Each arm possesses a retractable set of two-foot long “battle claws” that are razor-sharp. Feral warriors often carve intricate designs into their claws, and coat them with various poisons, and feral mages often inscribe magical runes into their battle claws.

Although naturally peaceful and quiet, ferals become ferocious warriors when cornered or threatened. Feral society is governed by a code of honor similar to that of the peri, but whereas the peri twist their code into evil, ferals honor their code with goodness, fairness, and equality for all.

The text of the code is short and simple, which leaves it open to much interpretation. Although the code is primarily intended for combat, ferals use it in every aspect of their lives. Different ferals approach the code from different perspectives, and every feral finds meaning within the code for themselves. In its entirety, the code reads:

Never break an oath. 

If you must fight, then fight to win. If you must flee, then flee to live. 

If you must die, then die with dignity. 

Kill only when necessary. 

The quickest kill is the best kill. Do not cause, nor tolerate, suffering. 

Do not engage inferior opponents. 

Although only 8 lines long, the code has been the source for volumes upon volumes of philosophical, legal, and entertainment material produced by the ferals.