Heroes Wanted

“Horace, my friend, these are dark times. Hordes of demons and legions of undead terrorize us, causing untold suffering and pain, and bringing us ever closer to extinction. The great kingdoms of the past have been reduced to crumbling ruins, and the cities of yesteryear are ghost towns unfit for human habitation. Decent folk are not safe anywhere. Not in their homes, not on their farms, and not in their villages.

“The cities are even worse, with cutthroats and thieves in every alley and in every dark, shadowy corner. The priests don’t have any answers, the sages just shake their heads sadly, and the oracles are all silent. Have the gods abandoned us, Horace? It certainly seems that way.

“The world desperately needs heroes. And not those cretins calling themselves ‘adventurers’ either. Bah! Adventurer! Like there’s something noble or brave about delving into all those moldy ruins looking for easy treasure. They’re nothing more than a bunch of scoundrels more concerned with money than doing the right thing. Good for nothing mercenaries is what they are, Horace. Bloody, good for nothing Mercenaries.

“Someone needs to step up, Horace. The world needs someone to step up, and fight for honor and justice and all that other good stuff. This world used to be a paradise, Horace, and it could be one again if somebody would just step forward. I’d do it myself, but I’m an old man. Nobody wants to follow some old fool into battle against the hordes of hell. No, we need a hero, Horace. Maybe more than one.”