Kiara and the Chain Cutters

“She’s just one woman. What could she possibly do to us?”

“I don’t know, man. This ain’t right. It ain’t natural, a woman all on her own out here. These are the freakin’ Desratii Wastes, man. Don’t nobody come out here without an army.”

‘We’re out here without an army.”

‘We *are* an army, Berthro. At least the most important part of one. We’re the god damned Chain Cutters, the most badass mercenary band around.”

“That’s true,” Berthro grinned as he said the words. “So we ought to be able to handle one little girl who was stupid enough to come out here all alone.”

“You’re the boss, so if you say we go, we go. All I’m saying is it don’t feel right. Something’s wrong here. Very wrong.”

“You worry too much. I’m starting to think you’re the woman out here, Cadis.”

“Whatever, man. What. Ever. So we’re really gonna do this, then?”



Kiara paused, and turned to see the men running towards her. She dropped to one knee, and placed her palm flat on the ground. Murmuring an ancient prayer to Gaia, she summoned a spirit of the earth. The earth trembled, shook, and split open as the huge rock elemental climbed out of the fissure.

She gave a quick prayer of thanks, and then spoke directly to the corpses that littered the desert around her. Silently, they rose, and moved to her side, weapons ready.

Kiara summoned the raw power of her goddess, and felt it flow through her. Emptying her mind of everything except the desire to inflict pain, she unleashed the energy as crackling blue lightning that ate into the flesh of the men who thought to make sport of her. The next time she summoned the corpses to aid her, these men would be among them.