Kullervo Unleashes Hell

They appeared without warning, that hellish horde of demons, undead terrors, and monstrous soldiers defying description. Seemingly rising from the boiling seas, the army of ghastly fiends amassed on the western shore. Silently they stood, waiting for some unknown signal to set them free on the unsuspecting world.

From the back, a man rode forth on his great steed, his flaming sword brandished like an unholy beacon before him. Silently, he passed through the army until he reached the front ranks, and then he paused, waiting to give the signal to charge. He had once been known as Kullervo, Champion of Asera and Lord Commander of the Imperial Army of Calimshan. Corruption consumed his once pristine soul, and the good man who had been Kullervo was now replaced by a puppet of evil, answering only to the name of his evil god: Exterminis.

A black cowl hung over his head and shrouded his face in darkness. No facial features could be seen at all, and observers noted that it seemed as if his entire face was lost to the darkness within his soul. His armor, which was once polished so brightly that it reflected light to a thousand paces, was charred black and gave rise to tendrils of black smoke that curled around the former champion. His legendary flaming claymore, as tall as a man and as heavy as a large shield, burned brightly. Where once he required two hands to wield it, he now swung it easily with one. He sat astride a great black destrier, itself marked as unholy and supernatural by its glowing red eyes. The horse wore no armor, and had no markings.

Displaying unnatural strength, he raised the flaming great sword high above his head with one arm. With a flick of his wrist, he snapped it down until it pointed forward. The hellish horde behind him erupted into screams and howls, and rushed forward.

This hellish horde was no true army, for it lacked discipline and cohesion. They did not march, but rather swarmed over the land, bringing death and chaos with them. They slaughtered every living thing they encountered without mercy, and razed both farmland and village alike. Entire nations fell to the sword, and the mortal races were nearly wiped out.