Creating Monsters

Types of Monsters

Heroes in the World of Exterminis face three different types of monsters. These are demons, undead, and warpchanged animals. No natural animal will attack armed heroes, and so killing or capturing them is not worth your time.

Demons are creatures who arrived through portals opened up during the cataclysm. Almost all of the enemies in the world are demons. Beings that might be natural creatures in other fantasy worlds, such as goblins, kobolds, orcs, and so forth are demons in the world of Exterminis, as are almost all of the monsters found in other worlds. This is in addition to the entities that actually look like demons and devils. 

Undead creatures are humanoids from any ancestry that have been raised from the dead to serve powerful priests and entities. 

Warpchanged animals are natural animals that have been corrupted, twisted, and driven insane by contact with the warp, an invisible, undetectable, chaotic energy that floats across the land. 

Monster Sizes

The size of a monster determines the number of wounds it causes it with its Natural Weapons. There are five size categories for monsters: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, and Gigantic.

Size Secondary Damage Primary Damage
Small (1) 1d4 1d6
Medium (2) 1d6 1d8
Large (3) 1d8 1d10
Huge (4) 1d10 1d12
Gigantic (5) 1d12 2d8

Monster Chart

Rank Characteristics Opposed Check Dice Health Points Powers
1 4 1d6 1d10 1,0
2 4 2d6 2d10 2,0
3 5 3d6 3d10 3,1
4 5 4d6 4d10 3,2
5 6 5d6 +1 5d10 4,1
6 6 5d6 +2 6d10 4,2
7 7 6d6 +2 7d10 5,1
8 7 6d6 +3 8d10 5,2

The rank of the monster is roughly equivalent to character levels.

Monsters have the same value for all of their characteristics, unless they have the enhanced characteristic power.

Monsters use the same opposed dice value for all opposed checks.

Health Points: Monsters have 1d10 Health Points for every rank.

Powers: Monsters have two types of powers: Standard and Legendary. The first number in the chart is the number of standard powers, and the second number is the number of legendary powers the monster has.


Standard Powers

Legendary Powers

Additional Movement Mode Anti-Magic Field
Blindsight Elemental Discharge
Charge Elemental Immunity
Constrict Energy Drain
Damage Reduction Engulf
Drain Characteristic Etherealness
Elemental Resistance Invisibility
Enhanced Characteristic Mind Control
Enhanced Conflict Code Paralysis
Fast Healing Regeneration
Grapple Shape Change
Natural Armor Spellcasting
Natural Weapon Summon Minions
Night Vision Teleport
Tremor Sense  

Additional Movement Mode

The monster can burrow underground, swim through water, or fly through the air at its normal movement speed.


The monster can sense other creatures even when it cannot see them.


The monster runs towards a target, increasing the damage of its first attack against that target by one wound.


With a successful physical attack, the monster wraps itself or part of its body around a target, immobilizing them and causing (Rank)d6 wounds per turn. The target can break the constriction with a successful opposed strength check on its turn.

Damage Reduction

Each time the monster takes damage, it reduces the amount of damage it takes by 1 wound per rank, unless it is vulnerable to the attack form used.

Drain Characteristic

With a successful physical attack, the monster drains 1 point from a target’s single characteristic. If any characteristic falls to zero, the target is killed.

Elemental Resistance

The monster only takes half damage from one form of elemental damage: Heat, cold, shock, acid, poison, sonic, psychic, force, radiant, or necrotic.

Enhanced Characteristic

The monster has a +5 bonus to a single characteristic.

Enhanced Conflict Code

The monster has a +1d6 to any single opposed roll.

Fast Healing

The monster heals 1d6 wounds per turn as opposed to the normal rate of 1d6 per day.


With a successful physical attack, the monster grabs a target, immobilizing them. The target can break the grapple with a successful opposed strength check on its turn.

Natural Armor

The monster has a veery thick hide, giving it (Size) x 2 armor points.

Natural Weapons

The monster has one or more appendages that can be used to inflict damage on targets. This grants the monster up to three attacks per turn: A primary attack, and two secondary attacks. Consult the Monster Size Chart for damages.

Night Vision

The monster can see as easily in the dark as it can see in the light.


The monster’s natural weapons are coated with poison, dealing an extra 1d6 wounds with every successful physical attack.


The monster can communicate telepathically with any creature it can see that can speak any language.

Tremor Sense

The monster can sense the tiniest vibrations in the air around it, the ground it is standing on, or the water surrounding it. The monster automatically knows the location of every creature within 120 feet.

Anti-Magic Field

The monster creates a field (Rank)x10 feet in diameter where magic does not work. Spellcasting is impossible, summoned minions fall to the ground paralyzed, and magic items cease to function. Everything returns to normal when the field is deactivated. 

Elemental Discharge

The monster releases energy in a line (Rank x 10 feet long) or a cone (Rank x 10 feet long, 5 feet wide at base, 30′ wide at the end). This energy does (Rank)d6 wounds of heat, cold, shock, acid, poison, sonic, psychic, force, radiant, or necrotic damage to all creatures in the targeted area.

Elemental Immunity

The monster is completely immune to all heat, cold, shock, acid, poison, sonic, psychic, force, radiant, OR necrotic damage. 

This power can be taken multiple times, with each power assigned to a different element.

Energy Drain

On a successful physical attack followed by a successful mystical attack, the monster drains 1 point from all of the target’s characteristic scores.


The monster swallows a target whole, causing (Rank)d6 wounds per turn. Targets inside the monster can damage it from the inside normally.


The monster can assume a ghost-like form where it cannot harm or be harmed by physical or mystical attacks. while in this form, the monster can move through solid objects and it heals 1 wound per turn.


The monster can turn itself invisible, giving it a +5 bonus to all opposed checks except Social Influence and Insight. Taking any action ends the invisibility immediately after the action is taken.

Mind Control

The monster can use a social influence check to cause a target to be charmed or afraid of the monster. Charmed targets consider the monster to be a close friend, and will act accordingly. Targets who are afraid of the monster will move as far away from it as possible, and will not take any action except to cower in fear.

The social influence check must be repeated each turn.


The monster can cause a target to be completely paralyzed for (Rank) turns by using a successful physical attack. Paralyzed targets cannot move or take actions, and they cannot defend from physical attacks.


The monster heals (Rank)d12 wounds per turn, unless it is vulnerable to the damage type used in the attack. It regrows lost body parts within 24 hours.

Shape Change

The monster can change into any other monster or creature. While changed, the monster retains all of its characteristics and conflict codes. If its equipment cannot be used in the new form, the equipment magically becomes part of the transformation, and is useless until the monster changes back.


The monster can generate (rank x 10) akasha per day and cast spells from any of the three spheres of magic.

Summon Minions

The monster can summon and control up to (Rank) minions who will fight for the monster and do its bidding. The summoned minions can not be any more powerful than half the monster’s level.


The monster can disappear and instantly reappear in any empty space up to (Rank x 10) feet away.