The peri are the twisted, evil cousins of the elves who delight in torture and deceit. They live in the far north and terrorize the barbarian tribes and feral clans that live there. Peri who adventure with the other races must work hard to overcome their natural attitudes and prejudices, and they often have to work exceptionally hard to gain the trust and respect of others. Peri are completely immune to the effects of cold temperatures.

Peri are tall and slender humanoids who closely resemble their elven cousins. They have extremely pale skin, and hair that is usually either stark white or (very rarely) jet black. They have ears that are very slightly pointed, and their eyes are very brightly colored. 

A strict code of honor known as Shan, or “The Law”, in the language of men governs Peri society. Shan reflects the cruel nature of the Peri, with harsh punishments for transgressors. In Shan, every possible action is either Ki-Shan (allowed) or Haat (forbidden). The major tenets of Shan are outlined in two volumes: Illum Shan (The Book of Honor) and Illum Haat (The Book of Poison). These two books are regarded as holy texts as much as law books, and every Peri grows up learning and memorizing these volumes.