Player Information

In order to play Exterminis: Reign of Destruction, you’ll need to create a character. The first step is deciding what kind of character you want to play. Will you be a mighty warrior encased in plate armor and wielding a huge greatsword? A sneaky rogue who strikes from the shadows? A mage that casts spells, or a priest who influences people and raises the dead to fight for them? Perhaps some combination unique to you? The choice is yours. Get a good idea of who you want to be, then pick an archetype that best suits your idea.


There are four archetypes to choose from in Exterminis: RoD. Warriors are masters of physical combat, rogues are sneaky experts in stealth and subterfuge, mages cast spells, and priests summon powerful allies to do their bidding. Which one best suits your character concept?



Master of Physical Combat

Warriors like to fight, and they’re very good at it. Warriors get an extra 1d6 for their physical attack and physical defense conflict codes. They can take the most damage out of all the archetypes, and they are the only ones able to wield heavy, powerful weapons such as greatswords, war axes, and polearms.

Starting Health Points: 20

Physical Attack: 4d6

Physical Defense: 4d6

All Others: 3d6

Armor: All

Weapons: All

Shields: All

Special Ability: Extra Attacks. Warriors can attack twice per round with large and medium weapons, and four times per round with small weapons.



Master of Stealth

Rogues are experts in sneaking around and striking from the shadows. They are also exceptionally good at noticing things. In combat, they prefer to stay hidden in the shadows until their opponent lets their guard down, and then striking with sudden, deadly precision. 

Starting Health Points: 15

Stealth: 4d6

Perception: 4d6

All Others: 3d6

Armor: Light, Medium

Weapons: Small, Medium, Ranged

Shields: None

Special Ability: Vanish. With a successful stealth check against an opponent’s perception, the rogue completely vanishes from sight. While vanished, the rogue gets an additional 1d6 to physical attack and physical defense. In addition, a successful attack while vanished does an additional wound per level of the rogue. Attacking while vanished ends the condition.



Master of the Arcane Arts

Rogues are experts in sneaking around and striking from the shadows. They are also exceptionally good at noticing things. In combat, they prefer to stay hidden in the shadows until their opponent lets their guard down, and then striking with sudden, deadly precision.

Starting Health Points: 10

Mystic Attack: 4d6

Mystic Defense: 4d6

All Others: 3d6

Armor: Light

Weapons: Small

Shields: None

Special Ability: Spellcasting. Mages can generate magical energy, known as akasha, to cast spells. They start at level 1 with 10 + their Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier (player’s choice), and gain an extra 2 per level.



Healer, Summoner, and Influencer

Priests create items and summon otherworldy beings by using akasha to tap into the forces of elemental light (good), shadow (neutral), and darkness (evil). Because of their charismatic nature, they are also natural leaders and diplomats. Priests can use any weapon (except large) and wear any armor, but can only use those items that they create.

Starting Health Points: 10

Social Influence: 4d6

Social Defense: 4d6

All Others: 3d6

Armor: All*

Weapons: Small*, Medium*

Shields: All*

Special Ability: Summoning. Priests can generate magical energy, known as akasha, to create weapons, armor, shields, and other simple items; and also to summon powerful otherworldly entities to aid them. They start at level 1 with 10 + their Wisdom or Charisma modifier (player’s choice), and gain an extra 2 per level.

Sentient Species

Nine sentient species inhabit the worlds of Exterminis. Six of these are known as the mortal races, and players may choose any of these six for their characters. The remaining three are the servants of the gods, and they are not available for character creation. The six mortal  races are described below.


The short lifespans of humans are filled by their insatiable curiosity, work ethic, and passion. These traits have mixed within them beautifully, and have caused humans to become the dominant species on the worlds of Exterminis. Humans can excel in any endeavor, and often rise to positions of prominece in their chosen professions.

Prime Ability: Human characters receive an additional 25 points to distribute among their characteristics, for a total of 475.

Secondary Ability: Humans can add a +3 to any single conflict code.


The short and stout dwarves are the undisputed masters of craftmanship. They rule their underground kingdoms, where they mine for precious metals and fine jewels. They work hard, and they play hard, being fond of strong drink and games that test their strength and stamina. Dwarves prefer to rely on physical strength rather than magic, but their stonemeld sorcerers are legendary among all mages.

Prime Ability: Dwarf characters are resistant to physical damage, and they are completely immune to poison.

Secondary Ability: Nightvision. Dwarves can see in the dark as well as they see in the light.


The elves on the worlds of exterminis are primal, fairy-like beings who exist in close harmony with the natural world. Although they are as technologically advanced as any of the other races, they prefer to shape their creations in alignment with the forces of nature. Elves are very  magical in nature, and prefer to use magic to solve their problems whenever possible.

Prime Ability: Elves receive an additional 10 Akasha at character creation. In addition, they are resistant to all magical damage.

Secondary Ability: Nightvision. Elves can see in the dark as well as they see in the light.



Ferals are powerful, yet peaceful warriors from the frozen wastelands. They resemble large bears who walk upright as humans do. They have large, retractable claws that spring forth from their forearms to slash and puncture their enemies, and powerful fangs that they use to rip and tear flesh. Although ferocious in battle, they only fight when they must defend themselves or others, and prefer to live peaceful, simple lives.

Primary Ability: Ferals are resistant to all physical damage.

Secondary ability: Natural weapons. When not using weapons, ferals can attack three times each round; two claw atacks that do 1 wound each, and one bite attack that does another 1 wound.


The kucheri were the first race created by the gods. As such, they are uniquely attuned to both the natural world and the chaotic energies present at creation. They are light-hearted and free tricksters by nature, and enjoy playing pranks and making merriment as often as possible. Kucheri rarely engage in violence, but when they do, they can be as savage as any animal, or they can be as cunning and strategic as anyone else.

Primary Skill: Shapechange. Kucheri can change their form at will, becoming any animal they have seen before, from as small as a mouse to as large as an elephant. 

Secondary Skill: Perceptive. Kucheri add a +5 to their Perception conflict code.


Peri are tall and slender humanoids. They have extremely pale skin, and hair that is usually either stark white or (very rarely) jet black. They have ears that are very slightly pointed, and their eyes are very brightly colored.  Peri are a twisted and evil race that delights in torture and deceit. They routinely enslave the other races, and have no moral compass to speak of. Peri who choose to adventure with the other races must work hard to overcome their natural attitudes and prejudices, and they often have to work exceptionally hard to gain the trust and respect of the other mortal races.

Primary Ability: Impersonation. Peri can change their physical form to any person of any mortal race at will.

Secondar Ability: Cold Immunity. Peri are immune to all forms of cold, both natural and magical.


Characters are defined by a set of eight physical and mental characteristics: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Speed, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Willpower. Each of these characteristics is expressed as a percentile score, from 1 to 100. A Strength (for example) score of 75 means the character is stronger than 75% of the people in the world, while an Intelligence score of 30 means that 70% of the people in the world are smarter than the character.

Starting characters have 450 points to distribute among the characteristics as they see fit, so long as at least 10 points are placed in each one. Human characters get an additional 25 points.

The Characteristic Chart

Percentile Modifier Die Code
01-20 -2 1d4
21-40 -1 1d6
41-60 0 1d8
61-80 +1 1d10
81-90 +2 1d12
91-99 +3 2d6
100 +4 2d8

The percentile is the raw number of the skill; the number of points assigned to it.

The modifier is used in the conflict codes. More inofmation can be found in the section on conflict codes.

The Die Code is used for opposed tests. The Gamemaster has more information in his section.

Areas of Conflict

Most of the action in Exterminis: Reign of Destruction happens in four areas. These are combat, spellcasting, stealth, and persuasion. Each of the four archetypes specializes in one of these areas. Warriors are masters of combat, mages are masters of spellcasting, rogues are masters of stealth, and priests are masters of persuasion.

Each of these areas is diveded into two aspects, an offense and defense. Resolving conflict is easy: The attacker rolls offense, and the defender rolls defense. The highest total wins. Ties are awarded to the defender.

The four areas of conflict, each divided into their offense and defense categories are given in the chart below. The characteristic listed next to each one shows how it is modified, using the modifier given in the characteristic chart.

Conflict Modifiers

Area of Conflict Modifier
Physical Attack Strength or Agility*
Physical Defense Endurance or Agility**
Mystic Attack Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma***
Mystic Defense Willpower
Stealth Agility
Perception Intelligence
Social Influence Charisma
Social Defense Wisdom

*When attacking with a small or ranged weapon, Agility is used. When attacking with a medium or large weapon, Strength is used.

**Characters may choose Agility to represent their character dodging attacks, or Endurance to represent a physically tough body.

***Characters may choose any of these characterisitcs to generate Akasha and cast spells.