She’s sitting beside me at the bar, facing me, and she’s into me.

I know she’s into me, because I can smell her desire mixed with a bit of nervousness and excitement seeping out from between her thighs. I can see her flushed lips and the dilated pupils in her eyes, and I notice how she keeps playing with her hair and shifting her feet nervously….yeah, she’s into me.

And why shouldn’t she be? I am an attractive man, after all. Not necessarily the best looking man in the room, strictly physically speaking, although I am tall and years of living on the run have given me well-defined musculature without bulk. More important, though, are my confidence and charm. These are my weapons…sharpened to perfection. This is the bait to my hook.

She won’t notice the hook until it’s already buried inside her. My confidence attracts her primal instincts, and my charm convinces her that it’s ok to give in to those desires. It’s a one-two punch that keeps me well fed.

I lean in close, and as I do, I brush my hand ever-so-gently across her knee as I move it down to my pocket. I am careful not to smile as I notice the electric tingle that shoots through her with my gentle touch. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for her if she caught me smiling, but it would be a subtle shift in the power dynamic. I almost want to smile…to give her that ego boost…just because it will further disarm her, but I want her to feel helpless, out of control. I want her surrender to me to be a whirlwind of emotion, a dizzying spin of uncontrollable desire. It’s so much more delicious that way…

The music from the dance floor is hypnotic. The beat pulses through the room, the bass heavy in the air. I tell her that it’s too loud in here, and I ask her if she’d like to come home with me. She has been waiting for this…yearning for it, although she has thought she was careful not to show it. She’s a good player…a mortal man might have been nervous asking her so boldly…fearing rejection…but I am not mortal. I know what she wants, and I intend to give it to her.

Right before I take what I want.

I take her by the hand, and lead her out into the night. I hail a cab for us, and we kiss all the way back to my place. Once inside, she melts into my embrace. I kiss her mouth and her ear, and then I kiss a trail down her neck. She throws her head back, inviting me to devour her.

I’m only too happy to oblige. I bare my fangs, and sink them into her warm flesh.

It’s almost too easy…