Spirits, Demons, and Monsters

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Exterminis: Reign of Destruction

Spirits, Demons, and Monsters

There are three types of  supernatural enemies to thwart the player characters in Exterminis: Reign of Destruction. These are demons, spirits, and warpchanged animals. No natural or normal animals will attack armed adventurers. 

Demons are creatures who arrived through portals opened up during the cataclysm. Almost all of the enemies in the world are demons. Beings that might be natural creatures in other fantasy worlds, such as goblins, kobolds, orcs, and so forth are demons in the world of Exterminis, as are almost all of the monsters found in other worlds. This is in addition to the entities that actually look like demons and devils. Victory over demons is worth two karma per rank of the demon

Spirits are astral entities summoned by conjurers. These include all undead creatures, spirits who inhabit physical bodies such as golems and elementals, and spirits that stay in a ghostly, noncorporeal form. Victory over spirits is worth two karma per rank of the spirit.

The third kind of enemy are warpchanged animals. These are natural animals that have been corrupted, twisted, and driven insane by contact with the warp, an invisible, chaotic energy that floats across the land. Victory over Warpchanged animals is worth one karma per rank of the animal. Warpchanged animals do not have any special powers like demons and spirits do.

Power Ranks

Demons, spirits, and warpchanged animals are ranked from 1-10. This rank determines everything about them, from characteristics to damage to the number of special powers they possess. The higher the rank, the more powerful they are, and the more karma they are worth. 

In the chart below, Rank is the power level of the spirit, % is the percentile of all the spirit’s characteristics, and Powers is the number of special powers the spirit has (see listing below).

Rank % Powers
1 50 0
2 50 1
3 60 2
4 60 3
5 70 4
6 70 4
7 80 5
8 80 5
9 90 5
10 100 5

Spirit and Demon Powers

All spirits and demons have characteristics equal to their (force x10). All conflict codes are figured accordingly. A list of special powers is given below.


Alter Self: The spirit can take any animal or humanoid form it desires.

Armored: The spirit has 50 armor points in addition to their health points.

Breath Weapon: The spirit can damage all targets in a conical area (force x 10) feet long, (force x 1) at the mouth, and (force x 5) at the end for force d6 points of damage, a number of times equal to its force.

Dark Vision: The spirit can see in the dark as easily as it sees during the day.

Engulf: Magical attack doing force d6 damage per round, and restraining the target.

Etherealness: The spirit takes on a ghost-like form, immune to physical attacks, but unable to perform physical attacks.

Fearless: The spirit is completely immune to all forms of fear.

Fear Aura: Opponents must make a successful Social Influence test against the spirit in order to attack them.

Flight: The spirit can fly up to 50 feet per round.

Force Bolt: The spirit can fire magical bolts that cause force d6 damage.

Harness Ethos: The spirit can create magical items out of elemental Light, Dark, or Shadow. These items last until the spirit is banished.

Immunity: The spirit is immune to all diseases and poisons.

Improved Conflict Codes: The spirit has two opposing conflict codes (weapon attack and weapon defense, for example) as if their force was 10 instead of their actual force.

Improved Skills: The spirit uses a d8 for all other skills instead of a d6.

Infravision: The spirit can see heat signatures in the absence of visible light.

Inhabit: The spirit can inhabit a vessel created for it, a nearby elemental source, or a nearby corpse.

Invisibility: The spirit can become invisible for 10 minutes a number of times equal to its force. Invisible spirits become visible if they take damage or perform an action.

Lay on Hands: The spirit can heal or cause Force d6 damage with a successful martial attack.

Teleport: The spirit can teleport 50′ a number of times equal to its force.

Giant Spider

Giant Spider

Rank: 2  Karma Value: 4 Characteristics: 50 Conflict Codes: 2d8 Powers: Poison Giant spiders are ordinary spiders that have been enlarged by contact with the Warp. They are mostly solitary hunters, but sometimes they can be found in nests 0f 20-50.   Image...



Rank: 2  Karma Value: 4 Characteristics: 50 Conflict Codes: 2d8 Powers: Armored Orcs are the larger, stronger cousins of goblins. They are more powerful individually, but are also typically found in smaller groups.   Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay



Rank: 1  Karma Value: 2 Characteristics: 50 Conflict Codes: 2d8 Powers: None Goblins are nasty, vile, little demons found in caves and wilderness areas across Erdael. They pose little threat individually, but in large groups they can challenge even the most powerful...

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