Priests, Necromancers, and their ilk use Akasha to summon monsters. These monsters serve and protect them, sometimes willingly, but usually not. They will fight for the summoner and follow orders to the best of their ability. However, the more powerful the minion, the more likely it is to thwart its master and attempt to escape.

Summoned minions use the same charts and powers as monsters. A summoner can only control ranks of minions equal to their level. A first level summoner can only have a single Rank 1 monster as their minion, whereas a 10th level summoner could have 10 Rank 1 monsters, 2 Rank 5 monsters, or a single Rank 10 monster.

To summon a minion, the summoner must use a Social Influence Check against the monster’s Insight. The summoner must spend Akasha (at least 1, but as many as they want, up to their maximum). Each Akasha spent gives a +1 bonus to the roll. If the summoner is successful, the monster becomes their minion for 1 hour per Akasha spent. If the attempt fails, the Akasha is wasted.

Game Masters (or players, with GM approval) can create individual minions following the rules for creating monsters.


Break Free

Whenever a summoner gives an order to a minion, they must make a Social Influence check. If the minion rolls higher than the summoner, it will break free from the control, with varying effects.

On their next turn, the summoner can try another Social Influence check to regain control. However, if this check fails, the minion will immediately attack the summoner.

Warpchanged Animals

Warpchanged animals are the most popular form of minion, having a good balance between intelligence (the ability to follow orders) and ease of control. A summoner masquerading as a farmer with a herd of Warpchanged cows is a fearsome opponent.

Warpchanged animals use their actual rank for their Insight code when attempting to break free. Warpchanged animals who break free will run away on a roll of 1-60 on percentile dice and attack the summoner on a roll of 61-100.


Undead minions are the easiest to control but cannot follow complex or vague orders very well. Summoners who prefer to use undead minions call themselves Necromancers, and they generally prefer to have many low-rank minions instead of a few powerful minions.

Only undead minions of rank 3 or higher will ever try to break free. Undead who break free will always wander off in a random direction without attacking the summoner.


Demons are the most cunning and intelligent minions, but also the hardest to control. They are the minions most likely to thwart their masters by willfully misinterpreting an order or trying to break free from control. All demons who successfully break free will immediately attack the summoner. Demons of Rank 7 and above cannot be summoned as minions.