Tales of Exterminis

The Golden Age was a period of relative peace and prosperity. It could not last forever.

Alone, in a forgotten and dead universe, wrapped in chains of his own hatred, and locked within a cage forged from the fears of the gods, Exterminis, Lord of Chaos and Destruction, seethed with rage.

Over time, his white-hot rage eventually turned into a cold, calculating rage. Icy black tendrils of raw hatred curled from his heart and surrounded his being. Unable to move, Exterminis shifted his focus beyond his imprisonment, beyond the constraints of both time and space, and found the universe where his old enemies cowered in fear. He saw the new world they had created, and the new mortals they kept as pets, and his rage intensified.

Exterminis injected the venom of his hatred into the minds of mortals. Although they had known anger and fear and hatred before, the intensity of his rage was new to them. Their wars became bloodier. Their disagreements became more violent. Their ability to feel love, hope, and compassion diminished. In time, the people of the world were ready to serve the Lord of Chaos, although they did not yet know who he was.

Thus began our current time, the Age of Darkness. These are the tales of our troubled times.