Tales of Exterminis

The Age of Sorcery

The first Age of Destruction, The Age of Sorcery, was a time of brave warriors, mysterious wizards, and cunning thieves. It was a time of swords and sorcery.

Elves, Dwarves, and Humans shared the world with The cruel and evil Peri, powerful Ferals, and shapechanging Kucheri.

The Age of Darkness

The second Age of Destruction, The Age of Darkness, was a time of rapid technological advancement and growth. The old world had been destroyed, and nothing remained of its former glory.

Eventually, humanity built a new world of skyscrapers and automobiles, but it is a world haunted by vampires, werewolves, and other nightmarish creatures that hunt the humans from the shadows.

The Age of Science

The third Age of Destruction, The Age of Science, was a time of interstellar travel and weapons of mass destruction. Humanity reached for the stars, and found new enemies and old friends. Humanity is no longer alone, but they might wish they were.