The Forging of the PainBlade

Alone in a dead universe,

Wrapped in chains of his own hatred,

Imprisoned in a cage of immortal fears,

Exterminis, Lord of Chaos and Destruction, rages.


He gathers icy, black motes

Of primordial chaos.

He infuses them into the tiniest sliver

from his chains of hatred.


He shapes the blade

With his indomitable will.

He tempers the blade

With his undying rage.

He sharpens the blade

With his pain and suffering.

He brings the blade to life

With his own immortal essence.


The PainBlade awakens

It knows its place.

It will seek a champion 

Across time and space.

Find one who is worthy

And corrupt their mortal soul.

Plunge the world into darkness,

Destroy creation whole.