The Forging of the PainBlade

In the deepest pit of Hell, in the darkest abyss, 

Wrapped in chains of his own hatred

Imprisoned in a cage of immortal fears

Exterminis, Lord of Chaos and Destruction, raged.


A white-hot shard of anger

A single tear of pain

An unrestrained scream of anguish

An unprecedented moment of shame

The perfect storm of poison.


He shaves a sliver of hope

He shaves a sliver of damnation
He shaves a sliver of his hate-fueled rage

From the chains and bars that hold him.


A sliver so small, the gods do not notice

But no mote of creation

Escapes the Lord of Destruction


The force of his indomitable will  

Seizes the Shard of Pain.

He infuses the metal with the ooze of the primordial void

He pours his anger, his pain, his desire 

into the molten fire. 

The intensity of his rage

Sharpens the edge.


The PainBlade awakens

It knows its place.

It will seek a champion 

Across time and space.

Find one who is worthy

And corrupt their mortal soul.

Plunge the world into darkness

Destroy creation whole.


Image by Angeline 01 from Pixabay