The Gods

Eleven gods followed Asera on her quest to find a safe haven from the forces of evil

  • Mensana, Goddess of Magic and Science; Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Kulitaan, Goddess of the Moon and Stars; Arts, Poetry, and Music
  • Ahto, God of the Oceans, Seas, Rivers, and Lakes; Medicine and Healing
  • Kaleda, God of Mountains and Stone; Strength and Endurance
  • Kaupoli, Goddess of Wilderness, Forests, and Vegetation; Peace and Tranquility
  • Aretamas, Goddess of Animals, Hunting, and the Circle of Life.
  • Hedonus, God of Lust, Pleasure, and Sensuality
  • Thorn, God of Thunder, Lightning, and Storms; Passion and Spirit
  • Istanu, God of the Sun and Light; Truth and Honesty
  • Enshari, Goddess of Darkness, the Night; Trickery
  • Tirath, God of Strength, Honor, and Courage

One goddess was born of all the others, Daughter to All, and Mother of the Mortal World

  • Gaila, High Goddess of Balance, Justice, Karma, and Neutrality

Exterminis called five gods of evil into his service

  • Alastor, God of Fear and Deception
  • Ahriman, God of War, Revenge, and Slaughter
  • Kivutar, Goddess of Pain, Suffering, and Slavery
  • Kiputytto, Goddess of Sickness, Disease, Decay, Death, and Undead
  • Kalevalis, God of Fire, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Natural Disasters

After the imprisonment of Exterminis, these five retreated into the infernal realm, and carved out kingdoms for themselves. They are currently at war with each other, vying for control of the infernal realm. Each one secretly seeks to end Exterminis’ reign. Each one is afraid he will learn of this, and turn on them first, should he ever escape his prison.