The Immortal War

Unable to kill Exterminis, the gods imprisoned him in chains forged out of his own anger. As he raged inside, the chains became heavier and stronger, which in turn increased his anger and rage, which strengthened the chains even further.

Fearing that even this this would not be enough to hold him, the gods placed Exterminis in a cage forged from their own fears.

Satisfied with keeping him locked away, the gods placed Exterminis’ cage deep inside a hellish pit of pain and suffering known as the Infernal realm.

The corrupting power of Exterminis drew thousands upon thousands of demonic beings into his service. A hundred thousand demons from a hundred thousand hells streamed into the Infernal realm, drawn to the ultimate power of Exterminis.

Asera, the High Goddess of Love, created a race of angelic beings known as Celestials to protect the heavenly realm from the demonic hordes of Exterminis. 

The Infernals poured into the Celestial realm, and the Immortal War began. It raged for thousands of years, and the forces of good fought bravely, but they could not stand against the sheer multitudes of Infernals. The forces of evil and chaos very nearly eradicated The Celestials.