The Immortal War

Exterminis bellowed with rage, and split the celestial realm in two. He claimed half for himself, and set it on fire. Volcanoes erupted, spewing lava and poisonous gas throughout the realm. Meteors rained fire and crashed, creating large craters and destroying the lush greenery of the celestial realm. Hot desert winds brought plagues of insects, death, and disease. Finally, Exterminis raised a throne of fire and bones from the ash, and proclaimed himself the overlord of the infernal realm.

Five gods from other universes stepped through the tear in the veil, and pledged themselves to Exterminis’ service: Alastor, God of Fear and Deception; Ahriman, God of War, Revenge, and Slaughter; Kivutar, Goddess of Pain, Suffering, and Slavery; Kiputytto, Goddess of Sickness, Disease, Decay, Death, and Undead; and Kalevalis, God of Fire, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Natural Disasters.

The corrupting power of Exterminis drew demonic beings into his service. A hundred thousand demons from a hundred thousand hells streamed into the infernal realm, drawn to the ultimate power of Exterminis.

The demons of Exterminis poured into the celestial realm, and the Immortal War began. For untold millenia, the forces of love and creation fought a losing war against the forces of chaos and destruction. The celestials were nearly eradicated.

Mensana wept for the destruction of the universe. Her tears fell on both realms, healing and resurrecting the celestials, while causing great pain to the infernals. However, her cries of anguish soothed Exterminis, and lulled him to sleep.

Sensing the sudden change in fate, the gods seized Exterminis, and moved to kill him in his sleep. As the life flowed from his sleeping body, it was slowly absorbed back into him. As he died, he only grew stronger. He was reborn stronger than he had been before.

Kiputytto laughed at them. “Exterminis is not merely the God of Destruction, you fools. He is destruction itself. He is death. He is decay. He cannot be killed, for he is the act of killing. Every act of murder, every act of destruction, every act of death only makes him stronger. You can never destroy the Lord of Destruction!”

Unable to kill Exterminis, the gods imprisoned him in chains forged out of his own anger. As he raged inside, the chains became heavier and stronger, which in turn increased his anger and rage, which strengthened the chains even further.

Fearing that even this this would not be enough to hold him, the gods placed Exterminis in a cage forged from their own fears. As they gazed upon him, raging inside the cage, their fears were strengthened a hundredfold. As their fear increased, so did the strength of his cage.

Satisfied that he could never escape, the living gods left the infernal realm, and returned to the celestial. They then began their true mission, the Creation of the Mortal Realm.