The Pirate Isles

The Pirate Isles are a loose federation of city-states located on a small chain of islands in the middle of the Alcyone Sea. They are lawless dens of thieves, pirates, murderers, and gypsies—avoided at all costs by most honest travelers. However, for those who wish to disappear for a while, or hire out a seafaring crew that won’t ask too many questions, the Pirate Isles are the perfect place to start. Seaport is the largest city on the Pirate Isles, and the only one with any semblence of law and order.

A powerful warrior known as Lord Chaos guards the city and prevents the situation from becoming “too” volatile. However, the exact definition of “too” volatile remains a mystery, subject to the whims of Lord Chaos.

Almost all of the pirate activity in Cambria either originates from, or terminates within, the Pirate Isles. Many nations, especially Calymnia, have tried to send in their navy to eradicate the infestation once and for all, only to find the streets and ports strangely empty upon their arrival.

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