The Volcanic Wastes

The Volcanic Wastes, also known as the Plains of Agni, are a sea of lava and toxic fumes south of the Ahriman Empire. During the First Age of Mortals, this area encompassed the original borders of the Old Ahriman Empire, including the traditional seat of power, Sulasta. From Sulasta, the armies of the Old Empire conquered nearly the entire continent of Cambria and taught the known world to fear the power of Ahriman.

The Old Ahriman Empire could withstand any attack, and defeat any army. Its walls could not be breached, and its fortresses could not be overthrown. But like a mighty oak tree that has succumbed to termites, the Old Empire rotted from within and fell in a mighty cataclysm known as The Desecration. As an unholy theocracy, the seat of power for the Empire was housed in an altar dedicated to Ahriman. Through trickery, the altar was desecrated, and the Old Empire was destroyed…leaving the Volcanic Wastes behind.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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