The world of Exterminis is known as Erdael by its inhabitants. There are three major continents, none of which are named because the people who live on them haven’t discovered the others. However, one stands apart from the others, due to the shadow of Exterminis growing in power there.

The southern half of this continent is dominated by the Nahuatl jungle, a dark and dense area that is almost completely unexplored. Just above the equator, the jungle gives way to the forest of Ashyr to the east and the Volcanic Wastes to the west, separated by the enormous Heavenspire Mountains.

The Northern half is just as varied, with the Ka’Ne’Ess’Ga grasslands stretching out for thousands of miles in the west before slowly turning into he Sand Sea that borders the western ocean and the central sea. A small isthmus, home of the city widely regarded as the Birthplace of Civilization, Bloodshire, connects the main land mass to the arctic forest of the Northern barbarians and Ferals. Even further north, these woods fade into the Northern Wastes.

The western sea is host to a small archipelago known as the Pirate Isles, a chaotic and lawless haven for pirates and thieves. Further north, the Island of Meliyat is home to the Peri kingdom of the same name.

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