Those Who Fled

Eighteen gods fled the old universe. Gods of Creation, Gods of Balance, and Gods of Destruction put their differences aside and came together to ensure their survival. They do not speak of the terror that caused them to flee their home, but flee they did, for it was a terrified and brutalized band of survivors who created our world. These are the last survivors of the apocalypse that ended the old universe.

The Gods of Creation

  • Thoth, God of Magic and Science; Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Inanna, Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Sensuality
  • Tir, God of Strength, Honor, and Courage
  • Ma’at, Goddess of Balance, Truth, and Justice
  • Saraswati, Goddess of Arts, Poetry, and Music
  • Airmid, Goddess of Healing and Medicine

The Gods of Balance

  • Istari, God of the Sun and Light

  • Enshari, Goddess of Darkness, the Night

  • Ahto, God of the Oceans, Seas, Rivers, and Lakes

  • Hazzi, God of Mountains and Stone

  • Taipo, God of Wilderness, Forests, and Vegetation

  • Artemis, Goddess of Animals, Hunting, and the Circle of Life.

The Gods of Destruction

  • Alastor, God of Fear
  • Ahriman, God of War, Revenge, and Slaughter
  • Kivutar, Goddess of Pain, Suffering, and Slavery
  • Kiputytto, Goddess of Sickness, Disease, Decay, Death, and Undead
  • Kalevalis, God of Fire, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Natural Disasters
  • Apate, Goddess of Lies and Deceit; Deception