Creating a Character

Exterminis: Reign of Destruction is a role-playing game. A group of friends gets together, and collaboratively tells a story set in a make-believe world. One of the players takes on the role of Destruction Master (DM) and sets the stage, controls the enemies, and interprets the rules for the other players. Everyone else creates a character who lives in this fantasy world, and interacts with that world as their character would. This section helps players create those characters.

Character Concept

The first step in character creation is deciding the kind of character you want to play. Get a clear, concise picture of your character in your mind. It’s not enough to say “fighter” or “thief”. What kind of fighter? Is it a powerful viking barbarian, a quick and nimble swashbuckler, or a heavily armored knight? Is your thief a cold-blooded assassin or a happy prankster? Maybe they’re a cat burglar, or maybe they’re strictly a smash-and-grab kind of person. What does your character call their profession? Are they a Knight, Gladiator, Swordsman, Barbarian…or something else entirely? Your thief could be a Rogue, Assassin, or Pirate; and your mage might be a Magician, Illusionist, Healer, or Sorcerer.

Will your character have any restrictions that will make their life more difficult? Maybe they follow a strict code of honor, or they refuse to fight an unarmed opponent. Will they use any weapon available to them, or just their favorite? Will they spill blood?

Take a few moments to think about the character you want to play. Having a clear concept of your character will help you make good choices as you build them. Of course, you can always go back and change things before the character enters play, but it’s much easier to get it right the first time.